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Women- Slow down and Be Kind to Your Body

Research shows that middle age women are more likely to get stressed easily in comparison to their counterpart (men). This can be due to various factors, like managing different roles in life: changes in lifestyle: relationships (new and old): children growing up and leaving, and to add to the list: menopause. Leaving middle-aged women feeling frazzled and alone. Us women, wear so many hats and are constantly juggling family, careers, and relationships; we are trying to be superheroes for others, constantly trying our best not to let our loved ones down. However, our bodies aren’t designed to take on too much physical nor mental strain. We are designed to be loved and cared for.

And who’s the better person to do that, than yourself.

As we all know that stress in middle age can lead to fatal diseases and illnesses, and it is one of the biggest causes to cardio vascular attacks, causing strokes and panic attacks (which can be worse than heart attacks) I stress this more as our body’s are slowing down naturally due to aging process. This we must acknowledge and align our lifestyles to the ability of our bodies. Watch out for the symptoms of stress:

  • Eating too much too less
  • Feeling fatigue
  • Feeling emotional
  • Feeling overtired
  • Feeling low
  • Insomnia

Even after taking care of your health, If any of these feelings persist, immediately seek medical advice.

Taking more than what our body can handle can lead to stress and anxiety. Hence, keeping an overall eye on our mental and physical health and well-being can lead to quality life.

Just slow down and take a break. Be kind to your body. All will get done if you are in 100% optimum health.

Peace and Blessings


By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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