What is Happiness?

Dear Readers,

What is happiness? Is it intrinsic or extrinsic? Can happiness be learnt?   

For a long time in my life, I depended upon other people to make me happy.  I spent most of my life being unhappy – because I was too busy living for the futuristic goals that I forgot to be happy at the moment. I constantly wanted more in my relationships and material things which I thought would make me happier.

Until one day I decided that I’m just going to be happy with what I have got today.  So, I gave myself permission to be happy!

I realised from this day onwards that I get to decide if I want to be happy or not, by simply altering my thought process.  I was  going to be responsible for my own happiness.

I learnt about positive psychology and how happiness can be practised and learnt, but what really flipped the switch in me was my way of looking at problems and finding solutions. I got Curious as opposed to being angry and unhappy.

As we know, unfortunately, all problems and events are not in our control, meaning we don’t have all the solutions, but what YOU can do is become Curious and Learn.

This took me away from being angry and unhappy to becoming Curious and Happy.

Get Curious and Learn = Happiness
Despair, lonely, miserable, poor relationships, lack of motivation =  Unhappiness

Now I’m grateful, happy and content. I get to be Curious and Learn!

What are you going to be curious about and learn?

To Happiness


By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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