What can you do in these Unprecedented Times?

Dear Reader,

Hope you’re trying to remain in good spirits during these unprecedented times!

It can be hard to remain positive and focused on your own goals when there is soo much negativity looming around the world.

Let’s explore what we can and should bee doing during these unprecedented times to keep ourselves uplifted and hoping for the best.

The one thing that keeps me going is interacting and working on my GOALS. Things I want to achieve in the near and far future.

Some people might think, well how can you do this when we are surrounded by ambiguity and gloom.  But for me, that’s even exciting in a non-sensitive way.

Obviously, I am praying that we pass these times and we are ALL safe and remain FREE from the COROVIRUS 19.

But at the same time letting your own life pass and do nothing but occupying the mind with worry and anxiety is going to help you achieve nothing but STRESS!

Wouldn’t you rather be thinking about what you can do to contribute to the community and wider society by setting GOALS that is going to fulfil your life and hopefully add value to the lives of your loved ones, and wider society, or do just want to occupy yourself with TV, watching the news and let your life pass in gloom and doom?

I will rather be doing the former!

That’s when you will experience the excitement of the UNPRECEDENTED TIMES + TAKE ACTION = EXCITEMENT 

I live by the motto ‘One life – One journey’ so make it count!

What is your legacy? How do you want people to remember you? What drives you?

If you want to create more self-awareness about your being and want to discover the following answer or find answers:

What do you stand for? Where you want your life to go? What do you want to achieve? but feel stuck and alone, then the good news is:

I am offering 10 people to enrol in a 3 months programme with me to revamp themselves, get rid of the blocks and achieve goals faster, at a very affordable cost that won’t put a dent in your bank balance. 

But what you will achieve is TRANSFORMED + UPLIFTED version of you! 

You will experience the JOY of living instead of MISERY of just being alive.

The difference is between living is feeling joy – happiness and bliss and contentment, whereas being alife is just living by the day with no ambition and goals.


At a small cost of £50 per month – I am offering you 30 minutes session twice a week for 3 months!

Research shows to break old habits and form new ones, we need at least 21 days of consistency. That is enough time to clear your blocks, change your mindset (to growth), change your habits that are not serving, learn about emotional intelligence and understand the importance of using Transformational Vocabulary with all this mix you will feel exhilarated and renewed.

It is time to look after your mind – research shows a healthy mind leads to good physical and mental health.

You can email at OR schedule an appointment using CALENDLY tab below on this page.

Peace and Blessings


By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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