Positive Psychology: Four Steps to Live Life on the Brighter Side

What is Positive Psychology? and What has it got to do with Well-being?

I don’t know about you, but for me: I live by the moto “No Health, no Wealth”

Hence, focusing on the brighter side of life gives me the drive to remain optimum health and helps me live a life free from stress and anxiety.

For me, having optimum health is the best form of wealth. As a healthy life gives one the ability to build relationships, careers, wealth, dreams and most of all the ability to contribute to the wider society.

Having a healthy mind can eliminate most of our mental health issues, which can lead to other physiological issues, therefore, focusing on problems and not solutions can help one eliminate stress.

Research and studies have shown that regardless of whether one is having a good life or not so good, focusing on the brighter side leads to having hope which can make you feel uplifted instantly.

So- the question begs: How can one stay optimistic when life throws challenges, obstacles and takes us in darker places like grief.

Whilst some life matters are not completely in our hands completely, how we chose to react to matters is in our arena.

Some of my daily practices to living on the brighter side:

1: Atttitude:  Your attitude is contagious: ask yourself this, when you encountered someone with good and bad attitude how did this make you feel. Hence, just correcting your attitude can make others around you feel good and  you can be on the winning side, because not only your feeling great and joyful but your projecting a good vibe which is contagious and people around will feel happy and joyful.

So keep your attitude in check!

If your having day, bad talk to someone, rather than consuming your own energy with negativity and spreading the misery.

2: Take responsibility in what you do and how you do it by infusing enthusiasm and passion into it. “Make this moment your winning moment” said beautifully by Maria Forleo.  What you project today or do, may just become your future winning moment. Wowing other people with your genuine heart and winning personality can serve you well in return because people are inclined towards kindness and will remember for a very long time and who knows when the goodness of deed will be repaid.

3: Make others feel good-genuinely making people feel good about themselves, it is a such good act on humanity when making someone feel good about themselves. Try it! it will give you satisfaction at a deeper level. Again this practice is a winner in networking and leave your mark in peoples memory, you want to be remembered for the goodness you project.

As Jim Carrey said “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”. When people feel good they will reciprocate the same energy and vibe, creating a harmonious environment.

4: Make a difference in this world- by doing what you are doing. It doesn’t matter what you are doing; fuel it with passion. Believe you are making a difference and you are!

See Brian Tracy's top tips on adopting a positive personality.

Before I go, I must share one of Jim Rowan’s quote: as he beautifully alludes self education. “A formal education will make you a living, a self education will make you a fortune”. To me this sums up the quality of life. So live well and prosper and keep focusing on the brighter side.

Please leave your comments on your thoughts and I will get back to you.

Peace and Blessings




By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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