Disclaimer: I am sharing my own personal and professional experience of working with children and how my parenting got easy for me. I am not claiming that my approach will work for everyone. But certainly trying new approaches can be a way forward to better parenting. 

Dear Readers,

I’d like to share a little about me, so people get to know the real me, I’m not planning on showcasing the 4 + decades of my life here 😊- but parts of it which I feel could elevate others in their relationships and self-growth.

Being a parent one can say is one of the toughest jobs in the world and the one that comes with NO manuals.

I am a mother of 5 daughters, 3 older and 2 youngers. Life has not exactly been easy raising 5 girls solo.. I’ve certainly walked on some bumpy roads and faced some challenges but with correct guidance and tips, over the years it has got easier -It’s like riding a bicycle by the way which I have still to master – But just being there for my children wholeheartedly day in day out, has made the journey a lot easier.

I am now in a place with my children where we are at peace and harmony. Lots of love and laughter. Where we are grateful for each other. We love spending time talking about our goals and ambitions, sharing our wins and failures. So, yes, I can say with conviction that life as a parent is blissful, it is one less thing I worry about. In fact, I don’t like to worry, I’d like to say it’s a Call to Action! If something needs to be done.

  • How would you like not to dread telling your kids, No to something?
  • Would you like your kids to listen to you more?
  • Would you like to run on a subconscious parenting mode?

Read below what worked for me!

Over the years I have found myself always drawn to positive psychology, even in my darkest moments, I would find a glimmer of hope which would give me the courage to strive forward. That’s is the approach I have also applied in my parenting. If something was off, and if I and my kids got into a muddle, I would ask myself; What can I do differently? And in all honesty, that’s all it is. Taking it upon myself to correct the situation and reflecting upon actions and words to avoid the same from happening again.  

By asking myself that question, I would find the answers and would implement and see the results.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about childcare, whilst the Skills and Knowledge were helpful, the success was in Applied Knowledge and a few other ingredients in the mix: Patience, Perseverance, Communication, Compassion, Empathy, Trust, and finally, the most important ingredient is Love.

These are my magic ingredients.

What are yours? What is and isn’t working for you? Get in touch to share.

To your best life





By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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