#Lose Attachments

Dear Readers,

Today I want to talk about a new insight I gained from my coach Ryan Matai.

‘Lose Attachment’ 

What is Attachment? Is Attachment Good or Bad?

Up until now, I didn’t really give it much thought as to what attachment meant. I used it in a positive form, as in the childcare profession and in our education system we promote forming attachment, keeping attachments.

As I am getting more and more cautious about choosing and using my words carefully, and of the intensity of the words.  I became intrigued when Ryan Matai mentioned ‘attachment’ several times in the High Performing Coach webinar, ‘stating lose the attachment’.

I did some research on why we should ‘lose attachment’. Interestingly discovered the intelligence behind it; having attachments places us in a place of fear when we are constantly saying we are attached, we increase the intensity of the emotion which ultimately evokes fear and worrying.

As a parent when I’m constantly saying I am worried about my children’s health and well-being, safety etc. I am evoking ‘fear’ of losing them or them being hurt, this is me being attached to their well-being. Whereas, if I appreciate and be grateful for their health and safety this will keep in me in a positive light and I’ll lose the fear.

Wonderful – Thanks Ryan Matai!

So, how are you going to lose attachment?  and instead, become Appreciative and Grateful for.

Love to hear your comments about this topic.

To your best life


By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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