What is the true Purpose of your Life?

  • Are you truly living the life your were meant to live?
  • Are you doing what your meant to be doing?
  • Does your job give you satisfaction?
  • Are you Happy?

The reason why I ask you these questions is that no one ever asked me for decades of my life: what my true purpose was, and what I should be doing.

Many of us women can resonate to this, as we have been the primary carers and responsible for raising and caring for our families, hence the career and jobs were never meant to be something that we thought should be aligned with our values.

I found myself searching answers for these questions, as many of the jobs and careers I did before teaching and coaching, I was solely doing to provide for my family.

The main focus was; if the job gave me the flexibility to have a good work life-balance, which was very important to me at the time whilst my children were growing up.
But it is equally important to do what you are meant to do and enjoy your job/career/profession as most of our life is spent working. Therefore, this should not seem like work but like a hobby. As the saying goes- do the job that comes easy to you like breathing and you enjoy.

Have a look at the free online course offered by the world GREATEST coach TONY ROBBINS and his associates Dean Graziosi to help you untangle who you are and what your purpose is. It’s FREE so don’t hesitate just click on the image and become transformed!

I have been following Tony Robbins for years now and his speeches, courses always Blow me; Have faith and take a LEAP and become Transformed.

I can honestly say that I love what I am doing, writing post, coaching women teaching ESL/EFLto home and foriegn students, gives me soo much satisfaction that now work doesn’t seem like work.

If you have this then many congratulations!

Keep going.

If not then you need to re-evaluate your career and ask yourself the questions above.

I know for a fact that you’re good at something, you’re passionate about something and that there are people out there who would pay to know what you know!

Because of Tim McKinlay I was Courageous and took a leap of faith and invested in myself- you can do it too!


I truly believe that you have knowledge, expertise or a skill inside of you that the world needs!

So if you were to unpackage that wisdom and get paid to share it, what would you choose to share?

See how I got to make my own website and started this venture.

Let me know in the comments

I’m dying to know!

Peace and Blessings


PS: Watch in the meantime watch the video below by Marisa Peer on how to achieve your dream life.

By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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