Want and Needs: How to make sound Decisions?

Dear Readers,

Do you sometimes feel that you struggle to make sound decisions? and feel that your ability is clouded by emotions and other factors like fulfilling WANTS and NEEDS  of your loved ones.

Well today, I want to share with you:

How I gained perspective in making a sound decisions when I found myself  torn between emotions, internal and external factors.

Making sound decisions that are going to benefit you and your loved ones, is not an easy pursuit for some. I find making sound decisions challenging especially when these decisions involve my nearest and dearest’s NEEDS and WANTS.

As a single mother, I am constantly aiming to make my children comfortable and give them what they need in order not to feel that they are not disadvantaged and are always aiming to fulfil their wishes. Maybe this is because were surrounded by mottos like

‘life is too short’

well yes it is! But also life is too short to make the wrong decisions that are going to bring you misery and stress.

But today I Learnt a great Lesson!

Recently, I have found myself in a conundrum where I wanted to please my daughter and fulfil her wish in wanting to move house, which is something that I have thought about. But at the same time as a single parent I have to think about the practicalities and the logistics of change. Even though I am a big believer of change, but one has to weigh the options and decide if the change is going to add value to your life and not stress.

I found myself in a muddle where my head was full of all the other decisions and thoughts that come with thinking about moving home; taking me away from productivity, and leaving me with the inability to make a sound decision.

I sat with my head in my hands as the figures raced through my mind.  And then it came it me; what was I even thinking, giving in to a child wimps!

This is not the way to live your life on a wimp, especially when it involves making those big decision without gaining any perspective.

This moment made me realise that I need to gain perspective on making sound decisions and decided that I was going to sit my daughter down and discuss this with her. And the plan was to discuss our wants and needs and weigh the pros and cons, which we did one quiet evening and I must say it was quite an experience and relieving one too. As children can be understanding if things are explained to them well.

I was shocked at the maturity and understanding of my 15 yearn old daughter! She agreed with me 100% about making decisions around ‘Want and Needs’.

Teaching your children to learn the difference between WANT and NEED is an important lesson to be taught, this sets them up for life when it comes to making those financial decision. It is important that we teach our children from an early age about how to manage money and the relationship with money.  Hopefully this will help them become responsible and make sound decisions when it comes to making purchases big or small.

This principle helps me gain perspective to those muddle moments of dualism between WANT and NEED. Hope it helps you two, consciously try it, next time your thinking of making a purchase.

Just simply ask yourself thought provoking questions; why do I want this? Do I need it? How is it going to add value to my life?

If the answers all positive then GO AHEAD, if not then don’t!

Peace and Blessings


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By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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