How to Fight Hot Flushes and Mood Swings in Menapause

Dear Friends,

You may be reaching the next phase in your  life or maybe going through it:  The Menopause!

To some of us it can be daunting experience, for others it may not be.

I have yet to experience it, so cannot fully comment. However, I have started to think about it and preparing to FIGHT those HOT FLUSHES and MOOD SWINGS!!!

All kind of emotions maybe concerning you around menapause. But let’s not worry and take control!

As with all the other nature elements us women have gone through, this is also a major one.

Either way, it is something that will happen! The inevitable.

We have dealt with all kinds of highs and lows in our lives; having menstrual, giving births, marriages, dealing with in-laws and outlaws 🙂 and now menopause.

I have heard from some of my ladies that it has been a tough experience and some have said they have just sailed through it. Just like childbirth -each one of us will have gone through a unique experience.

What’s more better to acknowledge and be prepared for when that time comes?

I believe in planning and preparing in advance, as a life skills teacher; I have gracefully learnt how to do this well and apply these valuable life skills in all domains of my life.

So start reading Health and Fitness tips, to ditch mood swings, reduce bloating and sweats, improve sleep and manage weight control . Like anything else if you are better equipped, the less you will have to worry about.

Let nature deal with its course, whilst you have taken a precautions to prepare for your physiology and psychology  needs.

I have started to read on the Free health and fitness tips for when the time comes. You start your journey!

And if you have already started to experience menopausal symptoms then try the Natural Earths Menopause Natural Capsules– made from natural ingredients: Each capsule contains generous servings of Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Sage Leaf, Agnus Castus, and Hops.C. The natural earths menopause capsules provide:

  • NATURAL MENOPAUSE RELIEF – Menopause Complex is an herbal supplement designed for the needs of women.
  • POTENT FORMULA – with effective ingredients: Each capsule contains generous servings of Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Sage Leaf, Agnus Castus, and Hops.
  • GENTLE AID – reduces  night sweats, hot flashes, sudden mood swings, and other hormonal issues. Menopause Complex can help restore balance and comfort to your body.

Peace and Blessings


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By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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