How to Create a Genuine Online Successful Busines

Hello Dear Readers,

Today, I want to give you an insight to my experience of creating this fabulous site – which is a working progress.

If you are ready to take on a new challenge: to gain financial liberation, and want to learn how to build a successful business online – then read on!

Especially in these turbulence times you maybe thinking about the uncertainty in the job market, and the economy crumbling. But we all know that regardless of what happens now, will not be the case for ever. Read Kyle’s post  (founder of WA). He shares his thought but at the same time lifts the spirits and tells us that these times will pass.

During this pandemic  you may have had time to reflect on how you want to live your life after the lockdown.  I know I want to grow my online business even more now. I want to become self sufficient and not be reliant on others for work and pay. I know we are all dependent on each other. But for those people who have been in service for a long time, they can become their job. Whereas, having an online pursuit which is your passion and your job, I have not felt displaced or disorientated. I continue to share my thoughts and feelings with you lovely people and continue to support where I can.

Having an online business or thinking about it, this is the best time to start NOW!  this is simply the way forward, as most of us will have experienced in the lockdown we are expected to carry on where we can via the internet. I have noticed this in the education system we are now forced to think how we implement and continue to educate our children via the internet (about time, for a 21st century education system to appear). This is the perfect time to get involved and think about creating an online business. Whilst most business have become stagnant during this pandemic the e-commerce has continued and for some boomed. Whilst people are cooped in their homes in the lockdown,  one of my family members who are in e-commerce business have just got more busier, selling their merchandise. This is surely something to think about.

I created this site with the intention to supplement my income and eventually give me the total freedom to live life on my own terms.  During my research I came across  Wealthy Affiliates – which is a platform full of great inspirational and very helpful people – who are always willing to help you succeed. I had joined them two years ago but didn’t preserver long enough to see the fruits of my labour. Hence, left. Only to find myself back here again.

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I joined last year, and have made soo much progress in terms of learning new skills, meeting inspirational people – that share your success with great enthusiasm and cheer you on to succeed.

If you are looking to earn extra income and want to learn new emerging skills then WA is the way forward.

For me, as I approach my big number, I want to spend the rest of my life doing the things I love doing the most, helping people and traveling, and I feel I can only achieve this by having an affiliate business in the niche I love which is Personal Development. I love researching products that will add value to people lives.

Life is too short to spend all your life doing a 9-5 job!

You can learn how to create your own wonderful website, around something you love and can share this with other people. Not only will you be helping someone but you will be making a substantial income.

I know people on the WA site that have left their 9-5 jobs to become full time affiliate marketers;  earning a full time income from something they are passionate about – sounds like an ideal life to me.

Can you just imagine making money whilst your on holiday or  doing your regular day job!

How to Build an Online Successful Business

When I first saw my commission from my wealthy affiliate site- I then became more serious about, it was a wonderful feeling. I then started to believe and become more active with creating content and building my site.

The power of internet is amazing; you can reach thousands and millions of million around the globe with your message, idea, or product.

Part time hours with full time pay! Sounds good – doesn’t it?

My goal is to create a substantial income, so I can continue to teach and coach people for the love of it and not for income. I want to be able to travel around the globe with out worrying about money.

What is your reason? Live life to your full potential and ability – don’t let money hinder your dreams!

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Learn- Nework- Build- Suceed

Peace and Blessings



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By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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