Freeflow Writing: Share your Thoughts

Dear Readers,

Hope you are all in wonderful spirit. It is a wonderful place to be in.

I just wanted to write and connect with you all. As I feel I have not been so proactive with writing my articles. I am constantly keeping myself busy with teaching and coaching, which I love doing both, and  being a single parent, there doesn’t seem to be much time left to do anything else.

Sometimes I find there is just not enough hours in the day. I am not complaining, I guess, justifying my delay in connecting with you all, which is something I love doing very much; as each time I write an article, I remind myself of a valuable life lesson and in hope that one person will read it and take a lesson from it.

So, I was thinking, what can I write about today? Nothing was appearing in my mind that I wanted to write about. Hence, to keep the flow and the connection of the communication with you all, I decided to go with the free flow approach to see what message this gibberish article will bring.

Sometimes  just letting our thoughts run wild and writing freely releases endorphins and can make one feel lighter, which certainly helps me. There was a point in my life, when I would feel so nervous about writing, I just did not know where to begin and what to write about, but now it makes me feel lighter and happier: sharing my thoughts: life lessons and good reading for the soul delights and enlightens me, which  fills me with hope and desire to continue to explore this wonderful life journey.

Life is full of lessons and surprises,  if we think about our minute to minute, hour to hour passing and thoughts and events happening we can learn so much from what has happened and choose to liaise with our thoughts and discard the ones that don’t serve us.


Whatever, your feelings dear readers, did you know, your thoughts contribute 90% to the way your life is. Research shows that we can change our lives by altering our thoughts which determine our actions.  Yes, the outside influences determine our thoughts but knowing our true self – who we are and what we stand for, helps us to gain perspective to everything that is happening around us.

We can not let the external factors deter us from being true to ourselves. There is lot of bad and evil in the world but at the same time there are many good people that are willing to give and help others.

So, lets aim to become true to our self and spend more time to discover who we are, what we do, and where we want to go in life.  Sometimes, I find my own message repetitive and I feel I say the same thing in many different ways but I can’t stress out enough;  understanding our own self is very important to how we find our place in this big world, otherwise you will find your self ‘blowing with the wind’ not having a direction because you don’t know what you want, is a very sad way to live. Life and can be very dangerous, swaying from one end to another without fulfilling your own true purpose.

So, get onto to the journey on self discovery and live a life true to yourself and you will find prosperity in everything you do. Providing your doing good and not doing wrong by others. Life will serve you well.

I leave you to decide on what you are going to derive from this article.

Peace and Blessing


Why not give WA ago and see what magic you can create in your own life and in others!  By helping others you are helping yourself. Live a life of true prosperity and freedom.

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By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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