#Covid 19: How to Remain Calm in Times of Turbulence

Dear Readers,

As we go through these turbulent times. I wish for everyone to stay well, safe and strong.

This is a perfect time to find solace within yourself; a place of harmony.

If I’m perfectly honest, there is no point sugar coating this, things are not going to be easy.

#Covid 19 Pandemic is going to rock our boat, but how we sail in our boat is entirely up to us.

Having the children home, unfortunately some of losing our jobs, falling ill, being cooped inside, will bring our moods spiralling downwards. Some of us will face more challenges than others. Not knowing what we will face is even more nerve wrecking than knowing about the virus.

But on the upside of things, as I have mentioned this before, we cannot control the uncontrollable, but we can control the controllable (which is us). We can all try to remain calm and practice mindfulness.

Let’s all try to do the right thing and help our loved ones and neighbours, especially those that are vulnerable. Keep our hearts open for humanity, this world crisis should unite us all and help us get past our biases and through these tough times.

With all the grim news and updates, I know its hard to remain calm but what other choice do we have. Think about the time when you may have craved 5 minutes to yourself and wished for less to do. Well here we have it, not by choice, but it is here!

See what my Colleague Rika at Wealthy Affiliate has to say about keeping ourselves occupied and things that we can be doing during this pandemic.

We can now embrace it and do the things that were left on the back burner, that book you wanted to read, the film you wanted to watch, the time you wanted to spend with your kids, a new language you wanted to learn  the business idea that never got past being written on the paper, a family member you wanted to help, spend time with your elderly parents and relatives. The list is endless. Let’s not get in the moment of moaning and groaning but become proactive and embrace this time.

If we can just get our heads around what is happening and accept that we are in unprecedented times and live in the moment. We maybe able to just get in the mode of ‘getting on with things’ and look at doing things that we may have not had a chance to do.

I want to share ‘The eye of the hurricane’ meditation which is recommended by ‘positive psychology’.

See my previous post on positive psychology . Spending 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening meditating. Focus on your breathing, this will bring about calmness and take your mind of all the negative thoughts. This will lead to inner harmony. The authurs Hugo Alberts (PhD) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD) describe this kind of meditation as ‘The eye of hurricane’, this metaphor describes the mindfulness meditation well as the turbulent winds of the hurricane are the outer part of the hurricane which is the current Covid 19 pandemic, whilst the inner part of the hurricane is the ‘eye’ which is calmer, hence practicing the breathing meditation will take you your inner part away from the outer. The aim of this exercise is trying to find the inner peace and calmness without being too distracted by the outer world.

To warn you doing the meditation can also bring the supressed issues to surface, which will need tackling. If this happens deal with it pragmatically with help. As many times reflections can bring suppressed issues to surface. Don’t be afraid ‘a problem dealt with is a problem rid’. Please don’t feel alone, as many of us will be feeling lonely by the thought of isolation. Thanks to technology were never alone. I know it’s never the same has having some in flesh but its better than not having anyone at all. If you feel low just pick up the phone and speak to someone who can make you feel great.

# to becoming a stronger and resilient you!

Leave comments and thoughts below. Let me know if you need any help. Drop me a call or  an email.

Peace and Blessings



By Salma

Life Skills Educator/Coach

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