International Women’s Day: To My Wonderful Sisters

To my beautiful sisters: The wonderful 3!

Today is International Women’s day which deserves to be celebrated with much joy and love as some remarkable women have changed the world and have contributed immensely, but what about the others who are helping us in soo many ways, who aren’t acknowledged or commemorated.

Let’s take the opportunity to make these wonderful women in our lives know how much they mean by telling and showing them through kind gestures.

Say something, do something nice, let them know how much you appreciate them!

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As I sat to write today, I was thinking which amazing woman can I write about and then, these three beautiful women came to my mind: My sisters who have been my rock and joy (annoyingly sometimes) but I can’t imagine my life without them!

My three wonderful and beautiful sisters: Naj, Sheena, and Haj,  I love you all very much!

Without you, my life would be not as fun and colourful as it is. We have seen each other’s high and lows. We have fought, teased and sometimes hurt each other. But the one thing that gets us through and brings us back together is the unique bond we share: the love that our parents gave us and showed us how to be tolerant and forgiving and loving towards each other.

We ate from the same plate. We shared clothes and things. We covered each other’s mistakes. We have been there and will be there for each other; my sisters, you are my best friends. The bond we share is remarkable, like many sisters we have our highs and lows, but what makes my sisters soo special is that I can share anything and everything with them and won’t be judged. Don’t get me wrong they are not perfect, but neither is any one of us.

I love you with all my heart and wish you all the happiness, good health and good fortune in the remaining journey of your life.

Today the question is how we get past peoples flaws and annoying behaviours? is by realising that we’re not perfect ourselves and that many of our flaws can annoy our loved ones too. This is what makes us all individual and we are far from perfect as is the world we live in.

Hence, loving people selflessly without any expectations makes relationships more fruitful, loving people with flaws and their quirky behaviours makes us become more tolerant and have an increasing number of friends. We must realise that the person wouldn’t be who they are without their weaknesses.

So, Love Unconditionally: Be Kind and Courageous: Be Brave to Love and Cherish all the Women, Men and Children who are Spreading Joy and Love in your Life and Reciprocate with much Love.

Peace and Blessings





How to Become an Effective Leader?

How to Become an Effective Leader?

Leaders are not only people in professional leadership roles, but we are also people who are parents, partners and friends.  In our professional lives (even if we are not leaders) we are co-workers, we work amongst people where there might be times when we take the leadership role.

In this article, you will learn how to become an Effective Leader.

Effective Leaders are people who have compassion, care, empathy towards their followers and mission. They have laser-sharp skills to complete their mission by teaching, coaching and mentoring their followers and themselves.

Effective leadership should be embraced and honed.

I don’t believe leaders are born. I believe leaders are created. If you have a zeal – passion for a cause then you can aspire to become a leader but shouldn’t just become an ordinary leader but an effective leader.

Another great quality of effective leadership is having the ability to show you are a humanist – you care for the human race, you are prepared to challenge your unconscious biases. You want to grow as a person and develop your intuition and are willing to seek guidance.

So, how do you feel about being a leader, does it make you anxious? Are you one of those people, when asked if you are a leader, you say ‘No, no …..because you think you don’t have the qualities or you are not strong or ‘bossy’?

Today I want to open your mind to a different perspective to know that: We can all become leaders in our domain. You never know when you have to step in, we should aspire to become effective leaders to develop good, strong, lasting relationships.

The most profound and useful skills in today’s market are to have leadership skills and being an effective leader, somebody who can lead with confidence, empathy and compassion and integrity create followers and likes.

Embrace your leadership skills by accepting you are already doing a good job and adopt the mindset that you will hone areas of weakness, then you are well on your way to becoming an Effective Leader.

Hope this article has inspired you to embrace your leadership skills and aim to thrive to Become an Effective Leader.


Freeflow Writing: Share your Thoughts

Dear Readers,

Hope you are all in wonderful spirit. It is a wonderful place to be in.

I just wanted to write and connect with you all. As I feel I have not been so proactive with writing my articles. I am constantly keeping myself busy with teaching and coaching, which I love doing both, and  being a single parent, there doesn’t seem to be much time left to do anything else.

Sometimes I find there is just not enough hours in the day. I am not complaining, I guess, justifying my delay in connecting with you all, which is something I love doing very much; as each time I write an article, I remind myself of a valuable life lesson and in hope that one person will read it and take a lesson from it.

So, I was thinking, what can I write about today? Nothing was appearing in my mind that I wanted to write about. Hence, to keep the flow and the connection of the communication with you all, I decided to go with the free flow approach to see what message this gibberish article will bring.

Sometimes  just letting our thoughts run wild and writing freely releases endorphins and can make one feel lighter, which certainly helps me. There was a point in my life, when I would feel so nervous about writing, I just did not know where to begin and what to write about, but now it makes me feel lighter and happier: sharing my thoughts: life lessons and good reading for the soul delights and enlightens me, which  fills me with hope and desire to continue to explore this wonderful life journey.

Life is full of lessons and surprises,  if we think about our minute to minute, hour to hour passing and thoughts and events happening we can learn so much from what has happened and choose to liaise with our thoughts and discard the ones that don’t serve us.


Whatever, your feelings dear readers, did you know, your thoughts contribute 90% to the way your life is. Research shows that we can change our lives by altering our thoughts which determine our actions.  Yes, the outside influences determine our thoughts but knowing our true self – who we are and what we stand for, helps us to gain perspective to everything that is happening around us.

We can not let the external factors deter us from being true to ourselves. There is lot of bad and evil in the world but at the same time there are many good people that are willing to give and help others.

So, lets aim to become true to our self and spend more time to discover who we are, what we do, and where we want to go in life.  Sometimes, I find my own message repetitive and I feel I say the same thing in many different ways but I can’t stress out enough;  understanding our own self is very important to how we find our place in this big world, otherwise you will find your self ‘blowing with the wind’ not having a direction because you don’t know what you want, is a very sad way to live. Life and can be very dangerous, swaying from one end to another without fulfilling your own true purpose.

So, get onto to the journey on self discovery and live a life true to yourself and you will find prosperity in everything you do. Providing your doing good and not doing wrong by others. Life will serve you well.

I leave you to decide on what you are going to derive from this article.

Peace and Blessing


Why not give WA ago and see what magic you can create in your own life and in others!  By helping others you are helping yourself. Live a life of true prosperity and freedom.

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How to Create a Genuine Online Successful Busines

Hello Dear Readers,

Today, I want to give you an insight to my experience of creating this fabulous site – which is a working progress.

If you are ready to take on a new challenge: to gain financial liberation, and want to learn how to build a successful business online – then read on!

Especially in these turbulence times you maybe thinking about the uncertainty in the job market, and the economy crumbling. But we all know that regardless of what happens now, will not be the case for ever. Read Kyle’s post  (founder of WA). He shares his thought but at the same time lifts the spirits and tells us that these times will pass.

During this pandemic  you may have had time to reflect on how you want to live your life after the lockdown.  I know I want to grow my online business even more now. I want to become self sufficient and not be reliant on others for work and pay. I know we are all dependent on each other. But for those people who have been in service for a long time, they can become their job. Whereas, having an online pursuit which is your passion and your job, I have not felt displaced or disorientated. I continue to share my thoughts and feelings with you lovely people and continue to support where I can.

Having an online business or thinking about it, this is the best time to start NOW!  this is simply the way forward, as most of us will have experienced in the lockdown we are expected to carry on where we can via the internet. I have noticed this in the education system we are now forced to think how we implement and continue to educate our children via the internet (about time, for a 21st century education system to appear). This is the perfect time to get involved and think about creating an online business. Whilst most business have become stagnant during this pandemic the e-commerce has continued and for some boomed. Whilst people are cooped in their homes in the lockdown,  one of my family members who are in e-commerce business have just got more busier, selling their merchandise. This is surely something to think about.

I created this site with the intention to supplement my income and eventually give me the total freedom to live life on my own terms.  During my research I came across  Wealthy Affiliates – which is a platform full of great inspirational and very helpful people – who are always willing to help you succeed. I had joined them two years ago but didn’t preserver long enough to see the fruits of my labour. Hence, left. Only to find myself back here again.

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I joined last year, and have made soo much progress in terms of learning new skills, meeting inspirational people – that share your success with great enthusiasm and cheer you on to succeed.

If you are looking to earn extra income and want to learn new emerging skills then WA is the way forward.

For me, as I approach my big number, I want to spend the rest of my life doing the things I love doing the most, helping people and traveling, and I feel I can only achieve this by having an affiliate business in the niche I love which is Personal Development. I love researching products that will add value to people lives.

Life is too short to spend all your life doing a 9-5 job!

You can learn how to create your own wonderful website, around something you love and can share this with other people. Not only will you be helping someone but you will be making a substantial income.

I know people on the WA site that have left their 9-5 jobs to become full time affiliate marketers;  earning a full time income from something they are passionate about – sounds like an ideal life to me.

Can you just imagine making money whilst your on holiday or  doing your regular day job!

How to Build an Online Successful Business

When I first saw my commission from my wealthy affiliate site- I then became more serious about, it was a wonderful feeling. I then started to believe and become more active with creating content and building my site.

The power of internet is amazing; you can reach thousands and millions of million around the globe with your message, idea, or product.

Part time hours with full time pay! Sounds good – doesn’t it?

My goal is to create a substantial income, so I can continue to teach and coach people for the love of it and not for income. I want to be able to travel around the globe with out worrying about money.

What is your reason? Live life to your full potential and ability – don’t let money hinder your dreams!

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Peace and Blessings



PS: Feel free to share your comments below


The Power of Habits: 7 Steps to Successful Habits

Dear Readers,

Did you know? 95% of everything that you feel, think and do: achieve the results of habit?

Read on to get your own free copy of “The Power of Habits: 7 Steps to Successful Habits”!

Did you know that our habits are determiners of our past, present and future?

Have you ever thought of how your habits (things you do subconsciously) serve you or your relationships.

Have you ever stopped to think how you react to a situation and what the out come is of that situation, because how you reacted.

Well I am not going to go into it in that much detail because I want to keep this short and sweet, so you to go ahead and get your free copy of ‘The Power of Habit’ by Brian Tracy (world renowned coach). He explains it much better than me, therefore, I am going to leave you to make that effort on clicking on the image to get your free copy of “The Power of Habits”, a truly powerful read that can change your life for better, if you have never reflected on your habits before. Now it the time to make the change for the better life!

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The Power of Habits
7 Steps to Successful Habits
Brian Tracy is a world renowned coach, a guru in the personal development field. His material is easy to ready and follow. Challenging you to think about your thoughts and how you react to situations and many more strategies to help you cope in a positive way in those muddled situations.
“Accept Complete Responsibility for Every Part of Your Life. Refuse to Blame Others or Make Excuses” – Brian Tracy

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Peace and Blessings






Appreciate Negative Emotion: To Enhance Autonomy and Reslilience

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship” -Loiusa May Alcott.

Dear Readers,

Today I wanted you to share with you: how to  navigate through life without drowning too much into negative emotion. Thus, enhancing autonomy and resilience.

The metaphor stated above, helps one to gain many perspectives of how we can view a situation without drowning too much into negative emotion to become resilient and enhance autonomy (taking on responsibility).

Looking in your own network of successful people or the world renowned successful people, the likes of Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, and Bill Gates; what characteristics did these successful people have in common?

Just a list a few:

Hard work: Determination: Taking chances: Giving Back: Learning new Skills and Knowledge: Networking: Having a Growth Mindset: Believing in themselves: Not Giving Up. Innovation: Creativity: Positivity: Seeing the Bigger Picture and the list can go on.

Looking at the characteristic lists- do you think these verbs have anything to do with becoming resilient or gaining autonomy?

Yes, it does because people who are hard working and determine don’t give in to negative emotion or don’t let the negative emotion hinder their future success, instead these use that emotion to unleash the power to greatness.

But this article, my friends  is not about them, it’s about you,  It is time to re-evaluate on how you are handling your emotions to Enhance Autonomy and become Resilient.

We may not have control over the matter but we can control on how we are going to react to this event, by controlling our behaviour, thoughts and actions.

Hence this makes us the Sailor of our own Ship.

Life it is not simple and will never be, there is always going to be good v bad: positive and negative: happiness and sadness, but how we sail through these times is down to us.

Making consciousness effort and revaluating our thoughts can put us in a better position where we can make calculated decisions and choices.

Goal: The goal of this sailboat metaphor is to offer a simple and multi-faceted perspective on the self leading to positive psychology.

Embracing positive and negative emotions and dealing with them in appropriate manner leads to personal growth, enhancing autonomy and resilience which are valuable skills to have in both areas of life – Personal and Professional- no employer or personal relationships benefits from a person who behaves in a  inappropriate manner when the ship is drowning.

Remember negative emotions and experiences are not a bad thing. Many successful people have grown in times of anger, guilt and self doubt. according to the acclaimed psychologists Dr Todd Kashdan and Dr Robert Biswas-Diener explain why positivity and mindfulness can only take us so far. To live a fuller life, we need to cultivate ‘emotional agility’ – the ability to access our full range of emotions (not just the ‘good’ ones).

Find out why:

• Anger fuels creativity
• Guilt sparks improvement
• Self-doubt enhances performance
• Selfishness increases courage

This book is a fabulous read!

Negative Emotion
The Power of Negative Emotion

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It has changed my perspective of viewing negative emotions, as most of us life coaches focus on being in a happy and positive state, this book helped my change my perception towards negative emotions. , which can truly help one grow in character to take autonomy and become resilient when handling negative emotions, appropriately.

Peace and Blessing


ps: please leave your personal comments it helps to gain a wider perspective on the topic.

Personal Success



Live in the Moment

Dear Readers,

Today, I felt the need to write about living in the moment and why it is important to do so. Promise it’s a short read, but a valuable reminder. 

How many of us actually really live in the moment?

One of the famous Latin phrase Carpe diem means ‘seize the day’, it makes sense to do this, when you think about it, that we have no control over what has passed and what is to come, then why not live in the moment and seize what you’ve got. It is sad to see a day, hours, minutes of our precious, limited life passing by us and us wasting it in worthless matters that have passed or not here or we are just wasting it on toxic thoughts.

“Forever is composed of nows” Emily Dickinson  

Many of us are caught up in what happened- who said and did what, and are constantly replaying these thoughts in our minds over and over again only to ruin our present moments of joy and bliss. Seizing the moment and living in the moment brings bliss and joy. Just imagine your on borrowed time and you have a long list of things you want to do that need to be done in the day, creating this mindset will keep you in the present.

Eleanor Roosevelt (American first lady, diplomat and activist) alluded that the “purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

If you’re looking for the self-motivation to achieve your goals, chase your dreams, and fully be the person you want to be, it’s time to seize the day and allow present-moment-living to motivate you to take charge of the Now.

Peace and Blessing


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Positive Psychology: Four Steps to Live Life on the Brighter Side

What is Positive Psychology? and What has it got to do with Well-being?

I don’t know about you, but for me: I live by the moto “No Health, no Wealth”

Hence, focusing on the brighter side of life gives me the drive to remain optimum health and helps me live a life free from stress and anxiety.

For me, having optimum health is the best form of wealth. As a healthy life gives one the ability to build relationships, careers, wealth, dreams and most of all the ability to contribute to the wider society.

Having a healthy mind can eliminate most of our mental health issues, which can lead to other physiological issues, therefore, focusing on problems and not solutions can help one eliminate stress.

Research and studies have shown that regardless of whether one is having a good life or not so good, focusing on the brighter side leads to having hope which can make you feel uplifted instantly.

So- the question begs: How can one stay optimistic when life throws challenges, obstacles and takes us in darker places like grief.

Whilst some life matters are not completely in our hands completely, how we chose to react to matters is in our arena.

Some of my daily practices to living on the brighter side:

1: Atttitude:  Your attitude is contagious: ask yourself this, when you encountered someone with good and bad attitude how did this make you feel. Hence, just correcting your attitude can make others around you feel good and  you can be on the winning side, because not only your feeling great and joyful but your projecting a good vibe which is contagious and people around will feel happy and joyful.

So keep your attitude in check!

If your having day, bad talk to someone, rather than consuming your own energy with negativity and spreading the misery.

2: Take responsibility in what you do and how you do it by infusing enthusiasm and passion into it. “Make this moment your winning moment” said beautifully by Maria Forleo.  What you project today or do, may just become your future winning moment. Wowing other people with your genuine heart and winning personality can serve you well in return because people are inclined towards kindness and will remember for a very long time and who knows when the goodness of deed will be repaid.

3: Make others feel good-genuinely making people feel good about themselves, it is a such good act on humanity when making someone feel good about themselves. Try it! it will give you satisfaction at a deeper level. Again this practice is a winner in networking and leave your mark in peoples memory, you want to be remembered for the goodness you project.

As Jim Carrey said “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”. When people feel good they will reciprocate the same energy and vibe, creating a harmonious environment.

4: Make a difference in this world- by doing what you are doing. It doesn’t matter what you are doing; fuel it with passion. Believe you are making a difference and you are!

See Brian Tracy's top tips on adopting a positive personality.

Before I go, I must share one of Jim Rowan’s quote: as he beautifully alludes self education. “A formal education will make you a living, a self education will make you a fortune”. To me this sums up the quality of life. So live well and prosper and keep focusing on the brighter side.

Please leave your comments on your thoughts and I will get back to you.

Peace and Blessings





How to Fight Hot Flushes and Mood Swings in Menapause

Dear Friends,

You may be reaching the next phase in your  life or maybe going through it:  The Menopause!

To some of us it can be daunting experience, for others it may not be.

I have yet to experience it, so cannot fully comment. However, I have started to think about it and preparing to FIGHT those HOT FLUSHES and MOOD SWINGS!!!

All kind of emotions maybe concerning you around menapause. But let’s not worry and take control!

As with all the other nature elements us women have gone through, this is also a major one.

Either way, it is something that will happen! The inevitable.

We have dealt with all kinds of highs and lows in our lives; having menstrual, giving births, marriages, dealing with in-laws and outlaws 🙂 and now menopause.

I have heard from some of my ladies that it has been a tough experience and some have said they have just sailed through it. Just like childbirth -each one of us will have gone through a unique experience.

What’s more better to acknowledge and be prepared for when that time comes?

I believe in planning and preparing in advance, as a life skills teacher; I have gracefully learnt how to do this well and apply these valuable life skills in all domains of my life.

So start reading Health and Fitness tips, to ditch mood swings, reduce bloating and sweats, improve sleep and manage weight control . Like anything else if you are better equipped, the less you will have to worry about.

Let nature deal with its course, whilst you have taken a precautions to prepare for your physiology and psychology  needs.

I have started to read on the Free health and fitness tips for when the time comes. You start your journey!

And if you have already started to experience menopausal symptoms then try the Natural Earths Menopause Natural Capsules– made from natural ingredients: Each capsule contains generous servings of Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Sage Leaf, Agnus Castus, and Hops.C. The natural earths menopause capsules provide:

  • NATURAL MENOPAUSE RELIEF – Menopause Complex is an herbal supplement designed for the needs of women.
  • POTENT FORMULA – with effective ingredients: Each capsule contains generous servings of Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Sage Leaf, Agnus Castus, and Hops.
  • GENTLE AID – reduces  night sweats, hot flashes, sudden mood swings, and other hormonal issues. Menopause Complex can help restore balance and comfort to your body.

Peace and Blessings


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Want and Needs: How to make sound Decisions?

Dear Readers,

Do you sometimes feel that you struggle to make sound decisions? and feel that your ability is clouded by emotions and other factors like fulfilling WANTS and NEEDS  of your loved ones.

Well today, I want to share with you:

How I gained perspective in making a sound decisions when I found myself  torn between emotions, internal and external factors.

Making sound decisions that are going to benefit you and your loved ones, is not an easy pursuit for some. I find making sound decisions challenging especially when these decisions involve my nearest and dearest’s NEEDS and WANTS.

As a single mother, I am constantly aiming to make my children comfortable and give them what they need in order not to feel that they are not disadvantaged and are always aiming to fulfil their wishes. Maybe this is because were surrounded by mottos like

‘life is too short’

well yes it is! But also life is too short to make the wrong decisions that are going to bring you misery and stress.

But today I Learnt a great Lesson!

Recently, I have found myself in a conundrum where I wanted to please my daughter and fulfil her wish in wanting to move house, which is something that I have thought about. But at the same time as a single parent I have to think about the practicalities and the logistics of change. Even though I am a big believer of change, but one has to weigh the options and decide if the change is going to add value to your life and not stress.

I found myself in a muddle where my head was full of all the other decisions and thoughts that come with thinking about moving home; taking me away from productivity, and leaving me with the inability to make a sound decision.

I sat with my head in my hands as the figures raced through my mind.  And then it came it me; what was I even thinking, giving in to a child wimps!

This is not the way to live your life on a wimp, especially when it involves making those big decision without gaining any perspective.

This moment made me realise that I need to gain perspective on making sound decisions and decided that I was going to sit my daughter down and discuss this with her. And the plan was to discuss our wants and needs and weigh the pros and cons, which we did one quiet evening and I must say it was quite an experience and relieving one too. As children can be understanding if things are explained to them well.

I was shocked at the maturity and understanding of my 15 yearn old daughter! She agreed with me 100% about making decisions around ‘Want and Needs’.

Teaching your children to learn the difference between WANT and NEED is an important lesson to be taught, this sets them up for life when it comes to making those financial decision. It is important that we teach our children from an early age about how to manage money and the relationship with money.  Hopefully this will help them become responsible and make sound decisions when it comes to making purchases big or small.

This principle helps me gain perspective to those muddle moments of dualism between WANT and NEED. Hope it helps you two, consciously try it, next time your thinking of making a purchase.

Just simply ask yourself thought provoking questions; why do I want this? Do I need it? How is it going to add value to my life?

If the answers all positive then GO AHEAD, if not then don’t!

Peace and Blessings


If you need help with untangling a situation – I’m right here!

Drop me an email:

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