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How can powerful Transformational Coaching change your life?

Dear Reader,

How can powerful Transformational Coaching change your life?

Life is full of surprises and our internal feelings are also constant, which can leave one feeling overwhelmed, low, and distracted. Being affected by external factors and our constant moods changes can leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused, which then leads to poor decision making, damaging relationships and falling into depressions; all spiralling downwards.


Through powerful transformational coaching, you learn how to become resilient and have better control over your thoughts and moods, making you become a master of yourself. You decide your state of mind whether you want to be happy or sad.

The choice is yours! 

A Man Can Alter his Life by Altering his Thinking- William James

We all need someone to talk to, to untangle dilemmas, seek clarity and perspective.

Live your life in true alignment with your mind, body, and soul.
The purpose of In-Harmony Coaching is to help you become unstuck and shift your mindset to transform you into a better version of yourself and help you find inner peace and guidance.

Coaching helps gain perspective, it gives motivation, it helps to gain clarity.

Having a professional friend to talk without being judged, is a safe way to declutter the mind and gain focus.

In what ways can professional coaching help?

Through powerful transformational coaching, things you can achieve are:

  •  improve your relationships and increase your happiness. 
  • feel empowered, exhilarated, and become transformed to live your life freely- free from anxiety, low self-esteem-low confidence.
  • feel liberated.  
  • learn to love and respect yourself
  • find the balance between saying NO and saying YES
  • strengthen your character 
  •  change old habits and replace with new habits that will serve YOU
  • guidance on products and services that have transformed many lives -eliminating the feeling of overwhelming on choosing what works and doesn’t!
  • I can do all this by inviting you to take time out and have a FREE  one-one coaching consultation session without any obligation to buy or subscribe.                
Click on the link below to book a FREE Transformational Coaching Call!

Worry Less, Let go More!


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What can you do in these Unprecedented Times?

Dear Reader,

Hope you’re trying to remain in good spirits during these unprecedented times!

It can be hard to remain positive and focused on your own goals when there is soo much negativity looming around the world.

Let’s explore what we can and should bee doing during these unprecedented times to keep ourselves uplifted and hoping for the best.

The one thing that keeps me going is interacting and working on my GOALS. Things I want to achieve in the near and far future.

Some people might think, well how can you do this when we are surrounded by ambiguity and gloom.  But for me, that’s even exciting in a non-sensitive way.

Obviously, I am praying that we pass these times and we are ALL safe and remain FREE from the COROVIRUS 19.

But at the same time letting your own life pass and do nothing but occupying the mind with worry and anxiety is going to help you achieve nothing but STRESS!

Wouldn’t you rather be thinking about what you can do to contribute to the community and wider society by setting GOALS that is going to fulfil your life and hopefully add value to the lives of your loved ones, and wider society, or do just want to occupy yourself with TV, watching the news and let your life pass in gloom and doom?

I will rather be doing the former!

That’s when you will experience the excitement of the UNPRECEDENTED TIMES + TAKE ACTION = EXCITEMENT 

I live by the motto ‘One life – One journey’ so make it count!

What is your legacy? How do you want people to remember you? What drives you?

If you want to create more self-awareness about your being and want to discover the following answer or find answers:

What do you stand for? Where you want your life to go? What do you want to achieve? but feel stuck and alone, then the good news is:

I am offering 10 people to enrol in a 3 months programme with me to revamp themselves, get rid of the blocks and achieve goals faster, at a very affordable cost that won’t put a dent in your bank balance. 

But what you will achieve is TRANSFORMED + UPLIFTED version of you! 

You will experience the JOY of living instead of MISERY of just being alive.

The difference is between living is feeling joy – happiness and bliss and contentment, whereas being alife is just living by the day with no ambition and goals.


At a small cost of £50 per month – I am offering you 30 minutes session twice a week for 3 months!

Research shows to break old habits and form new ones, we need at least 21 days of consistency. That is enough time to clear your blocks, change your mindset (to growth), change your habits that are not serving, learn about emotional intelligence and understand the importance of using Transformational Vocabulary with all this mix you will feel exhilarated and renewed.

It is time to look after your mind – research shows a healthy mind leads to good physical and mental health.

You can email at OR schedule an appointment using CALENDLY tab below on this page.

Peace and Blessings



How to Get Past Your Fears?

Dear Readers,

Not one single human being on this planet earth is free from the emotion of fear. Whilst they are many benefits of fear, which I will share with you below. Fear has known to cripple people. Let us explore in this article how we can use FEAR to unleash our full potential.

Fear is just a thought

When we put it this way that fear is just THOUGHT then can you imagine how small it is comparing to actually what it is? It is OUR Minds that make the FEAR seem so big and scary. As we continue to feed the thought and allow it to expand, it becomes a liability which by now has crippled us. It can happen to anyone if we tend to feed that fear with constant thought about what will happen or could happen and then use words to describe the horrific thoughts that we have created in our minds, at this point we are crippled. And fear has defeated us, funnily enough, it has proven its point that it was right and we were wrong to even think about doing what we thought we could. Fear is keeping us safe from what we think could harm us. Get curious and YOU decide whether giving in to your fear is good or bad for you.

Click on the links below to explore the 15 positives of FEAR by Duncan Mugkuku

  1. Heightened Awareness
  2. Acknowledgement and Enlightenment
  3. Focus and Concentration
  4. Preparation and Planning
  5. Choices, Analysis and Evaluation
  6. Dissecting Extremes
  7. Removal of Barriers
  8. Breaking Routine
  9. Opportunities and Resource Identification
  10. Activates Championship Mentality
  11. Motivates You to Build Skills
  12. Letting Go and the ‘After-strength’
  13. Overcoming Fear and Reward Anticipation
  14. Replicating the Breakthroughs
  15. Helping Others Overcome Their Fears

Pushing Past Fears

Whilst all these aspects have elements of fear attached to them, can you just imagine pushing past these limitations? what could you possibly feel?  I am guessing your answer will be’ power, liberation, exhilaration and happiness.  It should be all of those things.

I know from experience, and you may have experienced this too when you have been crippled by the thought of not being able to do something, and then all of a sudden you decide to do it anyway. That feeling is something else, that can make you feel on top of the world as if you have conquered a milestone. And yes, getting past a fear should be celebrated elaborately as you have just got past one of the things that were holding you back.

Since last year,  I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone to do things that have scared me the most and being present on social media is one of them, even at one point, the thought about writing anything and publishing it online was one of my biggest fears. but being on the path of personal development I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone each day which I would encourage every one of you to do the same!

What scares you?

What is your wish, that you would like to do, or become? AND  you know in the deepest of your heart that it will help you grow in your career or personal life.

Have you ever said, ‘only if I was good at public speaking?, only if I wasn’t shy? only if I could…….

I was stuck in that mindset wishing for things to happen.  unfortunately,  things won’t happen themselves without the ACTION. Think about the worst and then if you didn’t do it what would happen?

Associate Pain and Pleasure to your fears and hopefully this will give you the perspective to it.

It’s never the right time – NOW is the right time.


It doesn’t matter how much it scares you, do it anyway! You never know where it will take you. It will get past your fear, Guaranteed your confidence will soar.

So, what have you got to lose – Just DO IT!

You don’t have to be alone – reach out and I’ll be by your side.


Peace and Prosperity






What is Happiness?

Dear Readers,

What is happiness? Is it intrinsic or extrinsic? Can happiness be learnt?   

For a long time in my life, I depended upon other people to make me happy.  I spent most of my life being unhappy – because I was too busy living for the futuristic goals that I forgot to be happy at the moment. I constantly wanted more in my relationships and material things which I thought would make me happier.

Until one day I decided that I’m just going to be happy with what I have got today.  So, I gave myself permission to be happy!

I realised from this day onwards that I get to decide if I want to be happy or not, by simply altering my thought process.  I was  going to be responsible for my own happiness.

I learnt about positive psychology and how happiness can be practised and learnt, but what really flipped the switch in me was my way of looking at problems and finding solutions. I got Curious as opposed to being angry and unhappy.

As we know, unfortunately, all problems and events are not in our control, meaning we don’t have all the solutions, but what YOU can do is become Curious and Learn.

This took me away from being angry and unhappy to becoming Curious and Happy.

Get Curious and Learn = Happiness
Despair, lonely, miserable, poor relationships, lack of motivation =  Unhappiness

Now I’m grateful, happy and content. I get to be Curious and Learn!

What are you going to be curious about and learn?

To Happiness



#Lose Attachments

Dear Readers,

Today I want to talk about a new insight I gained from my coach Ryan Matai.

‘Lose Attachment’ 

What is Attachment? Is Attachment Good or Bad?

Up until now, I didn’t really give it much thought as to what attachment meant. I used it in a positive form, as in the childcare profession and in our education system we promote forming attachment, keeping attachments.

As I am getting more and more cautious about choosing and using my words carefully, and of the intensity of the words.  I became intrigued when Ryan Matai mentioned ‘attachment’ several times in the High Performing Coach webinar, ‘stating lose the attachment’.

I did some research on why we should ‘lose attachment’. Interestingly discovered the intelligence behind it; having attachments places us in a place of fear when we are constantly saying we are attached, we increase the intensity of the emotion which ultimately evokes fear and worrying.

As a parent when I’m constantly saying I am worried about my children’s health and well-being, safety etc. I am evoking ‘fear’ of losing them or them being hurt, this is me being attached to their well-being. Whereas, if I appreciate and be grateful for their health and safety this will keep in me in a positive light and I’ll lose the fear.

Wonderful – Thanks Ryan Matai!

So, how are you going to lose attachment?  and instead, become Appreciative and Grateful for.

Love to hear your comments about this topic.

To your best life



Consistency plus Time = Results

You will never change your life until you change something daily: The secret of your success is found in your daily routine                                           John C Maxwell

How do you resonate with the above quote?

For me,  Consistency has to be a game-changer! for last decade I have wanted to become fit and healthier as I am approaching the age of midlife changes. I have often worried myself over thinking about when all this happens; I should be prepared, healthy and fit, so I can handle the change better.

At the same time, my mindset has not being aligned with this intention, as I felt quite content with my physique and health. Hence, I have been in limbo and a YO YO with this part of my life. Obviously not being aligned with mind, body and soul has produced no results.

I recently came across this quote, funnily enough just when I was thinking why haven’t I managed to lose 1stone, I found myself smiling and saying, ‘That’s WHY!’ when we are not consistent with taking actions that are required to make the changes in our life, then the results are going to be just like our efforts!

Reflecting back on my other achievements and I was reminded of the crucial ingredient to success is Consistency and Time equalling to Radical Results.

Go ahead decide on what ACTION are you going to do daily towards achieving your next goal!



Develop Love and Empathy

Hey Friends,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping in good spirits through these tough times.

Like the good, the bad will pass too, and hopefully, we will be able to resume our previous routines again, if that’s what you want.

Let’s not lose ourselves in this moment of time and try to practice mindfulness to keep our self connected in the now and with our loved ones.

Become the Best Version of Yourself!
Brian Tracey

Practicing mindfulness will help you have control over your thoughts and feelings and will help you to identify which of these thoughts and feelings are serving you and which are not. Maybe doing some meditation and clearing your mind to strengthen your focus, will help you gain perspective on life and what you plan to do in your next chapter.

From this pandemic, most of us have realised that we don’t have much control on events and happenings around us, and for me it has to be a big eye-opener that bad things can happen to anyone of us, a retrospective of where we are in the world, being in the one the wealthiest countries we are facing major trials.

My heart and gratitude goes out to our front line key workers who are dedicating their lives to serve the rest of us.

Thank you soo much! May God keep you all safe.

If anything we can learn is to become better versions of ourselves and gain perspective of life, relationship, and things that really matter.

Time to Discover Yourself

Practicing mindfulness will help you get into now and help you utilise this time wisely. So love, live, think, learn, pray, meditate, show gratitude, and have patience and most of all have empathy- empathy fuels connection and at this time we need to remain connected.

I am passing my time nicely, reading, and listening to audiobooks.

Daily Reader

Download the amazon audio Free 30-day trial to explore fiction and non-fiction, you will definitely increase your knowledge and keep yourself healthy and at the same time will be entertained. Reading is a must and happy pursuit. Enjoy!

Keep safe and well




Disclaimer: I am sharing my own personal and professional experience of working with children and how my parenting got easy for me. I am not claiming that my approach will work for everyone. But certainly trying new approaches can be a way forward to better parenting. 

Dear Readers,

I’d like to share a little about me, so people get to know the real me, I’m not planning on showcasing the 4 + decades of my life here 😊- but parts of it which I feel could elevate others in their relationships and self-growth.

Being a parent one can say is one of the toughest jobs in the world and the one that comes with NO manuals.

I am a mother of 5 daughters, 3 older and 2 youngers. Life has not exactly been easy raising 5 girls solo.. I’ve certainly walked on some bumpy roads and faced some challenges but with correct guidance and tips, over the years it has got easier -It’s like riding a bicycle by the way which I have still to master – But just being there for my children wholeheartedly day in day out, has made the journey a lot easier.

I am now in a place with my children where we are at peace and harmony. Lots of love and laughter. Where we are grateful for each other. We love spending time talking about our goals and ambitions, sharing our wins and failures. So, yes, I can say with conviction that life as a parent is blissful, it is one less thing I worry about. In fact, I don’t like to worry, I’d like to say it’s a Call to Action! If something needs to be done.

  • How would you like not to dread telling your kids, No to something?
  • Would you like your kids to listen to you more?
  • Would you like to run on a subconscious parenting mode?

Read below what worked for me!

Over the years I have found myself always drawn to positive psychology, even in my darkest moments, I would find a glimmer of hope which would give me the courage to strive forward. That’s is the approach I have also applied in my parenting. If something was off, and if I and my kids got into a muddle, I would ask myself; What can I do differently? And in all honesty, that’s all it is. Taking it upon myself to correct the situation and reflecting upon actions and words to avoid the same from happening again.  

By asking myself that question, I would find the answers and would implement and see the results.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about childcare, whilst the Skills and Knowledge were helpful, the success was in Applied Knowledge and a few other ingredients in the mix: Patience, Perseverance, Communication, Compassion, Empathy, Trust, and finally, the most important ingredient is Love.

These are my magic ingredients.

What are yours? What is and isn’t working for you? Get in touch to share.

To your best life






#Covid 19: How to Remain Calm in Times of Turbulence

Dear Readers,

As we go through these turbulent times. I wish for everyone to stay well, safe and strong.

This is a perfect time to find solace within yourself; a place of harmony.

If I’m perfectly honest, there is no point sugar coating this, things are not going to be easy.

#Covid 19 Pandemic is going to rock our boat, but how we sail in our boat is entirely up to us.

Having the children home, unfortunately some of losing our jobs, falling ill, being cooped inside, will bring our moods spiralling downwards. Some of us will face more challenges than others. Not knowing what we will face is even more nerve wrecking than knowing about the virus.

But on the upside of things, as I have mentioned this before, we cannot control the uncontrollable, but we can control the controllable (which is us). We can all try to remain calm and practice mindfulness.

Let’s all try to do the right thing and help our loved ones and neighbours, especially those that are vulnerable. Keep our hearts open for humanity, this world crisis should unite us all and help us get past our biases and through these tough times.

With all the grim news and updates, I know its hard to remain calm but what other choice do we have. Think about the time when you may have craved 5 minutes to yourself and wished for less to do. Well here we have it, not by choice, but it is here!

See what my Colleague Rika at Wealthy Affiliate has to say about keeping ourselves occupied and things that we can be doing during this pandemic.

We can now embrace it and do the things that were left on the back burner, that book you wanted to read, the film you wanted to watch, the time you wanted to spend with your kids, a new language you wanted to learn  the business idea that never got past being written on the paper, a family member you wanted to help, spend time with your elderly parents and relatives. The list is endless. Let’s not get in the moment of moaning and groaning but become proactive and embrace this time.

If we can just get our heads around what is happening and accept that we are in unprecedented times and live in the moment. We maybe able to just get in the mode of ‘getting on with things’ and look at doing things that we may have not had a chance to do.

I want to share ‘The eye of the hurricane’ meditation which is recommended by ‘positive psychology’.

See my previous post on positive psychology . Spending 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening meditating. Focus on your breathing, this will bring about calmness and take your mind of all the negative thoughts. This will lead to inner harmony. The authurs Hugo Alberts (PhD) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD) describe this kind of meditation as ‘The eye of hurricane’, this metaphor describes the mindfulness meditation well as the turbulent winds of the hurricane are the outer part of the hurricane which is the current Covid 19 pandemic, whilst the inner part of the hurricane is the ‘eye’ which is calmer, hence practicing the breathing meditation will take you your inner part away from the outer. The aim of this exercise is trying to find the inner peace and calmness without being too distracted by the outer world.

To warn you doing the meditation can also bring the supressed issues to surface, which will need tackling. If this happens deal with it pragmatically with help. As many times reflections can bring suppressed issues to surface. Don’t be afraid ‘a problem dealt with is a problem rid’. Please don’t feel alone, as many of us will be feeling lonely by the thought of isolation. Thanks to technology were never alone. I know it’s never the same has having some in flesh but its better than not having anyone at all. If you feel low just pick up the phone and speak to someone who can make you feel great.

# to becoming a stronger and resilient you!

Leave comments and thoughts below. Let me know if you need any help. Drop me a call or  an email.

Peace and Blessings