Appreciate Negative Emotion: To Enhance Autonomy and Reslilience

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship” -Loiusa May Alcott.

Dear Readers,

Today I wanted you to share with you: how to  navigate through life without drowning too much into negative emotion. Thus, enhancing autonomy and resilience.

The metaphor stated above, helps one to gain many perspectives of how we can view a situation without drowning too much into negative emotion to become resilient and enhance autonomy (taking on responsibility).

Looking in your own network of successful people or the world renowned successful people, the likes of Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, and Bill Gates; what characteristics did these successful people have in common?

Just a list a few:

Hard work: Determination: Taking chances: Giving Back: Learning new Skills and Knowledge: Networking: Having a Growth Mindset: Believing in themselves: Not Giving Up. Innovation: Creativity: Positivity: Seeing the Bigger Picture and the list can go on.

Looking at the characteristic lists- do you think these verbs have anything to do with becoming resilient or gaining autonomy?

Yes, it does because people who are hard working and determine don’t give in to negative emotion or don’t let the negative emotion hinder their future success, instead these use that emotion to unleash the power to greatness.

But this article, my friends  is not about them, it’s about you,  It is time to re-evaluate on how you are handling your emotions to Enhance Autonomy and become Resilient.

We may not have control over the matter but we can control on how we are going to react to this event, by controlling our behaviour, thoughts and actions.

Hence this makes us the Sailor of our own Ship.

Life it is not simple and will never be, there is always going to be good v bad: positive and negative: happiness and sadness, but how we sail through these times is down to us.

Making consciousness effort and revaluating our thoughts can put us in a better position where we can make calculated decisions and choices.

Goal: The goal of this sailboat metaphor is to offer a simple and multi-faceted perspective on the self leading to positive psychology.

Embracing positive and negative emotions and dealing with them in appropriate manner leads to personal growth, enhancing autonomy and resilience which are valuable skills to have in both areas of life – Personal and Professional- no employer or personal relationships benefits from a person who behaves in a  inappropriate manner when the ship is drowning.

Remember negative emotions and experiences are not a bad thing. Many successful people have grown in times of anger, guilt and self doubt. according to the acclaimed psychologists Dr Todd Kashdan and Dr Robert Biswas-Diener explain why positivity and mindfulness can only take us so far. To live a fuller life, we need to cultivate ‘emotional agility’ – the ability to access our full range of emotions (not just the ‘good’ ones).

Find out why:

• Anger fuels creativity
• Guilt sparks improvement
• Self-doubt enhances performance
• Selfishness increases courage

This book is a fabulous read!

Negative Emotion
The Power of Negative Emotion

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It has changed my perspective of viewing negative emotions, as most of us life coaches focus on being in a happy and positive state, this book helped my change my perception towards negative emotions. , which can truly help one grow in character to take autonomy and become resilient when handling negative emotions, appropriately.

Peace and Blessing


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By Salma

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