5 Principles to Living a Happy Life

Dear Readers,

Are you living your life in alignment; in your Mind, Body and Soul?

Do you have Peace and Contentment in YOUR life?

Or are you Feeling Stuck and Frustrated with everything in your life?

What if I told you that you can achieve complete inner peace by practising the 5 principles below, that bring happiness in your life:
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  • Forgive- Start to practice forgiveness
  • Gratitude- Be grateful for everything – big and small you’ve got in your life
  • Help – Help People and Ask for Help!
  • Transformational Vocabulary- Talk Positively.

My humble opinion (formed upon research and tried and tested methods) for a harmonious life is Alignment of mind, Body and Soul. When all three elements are aligned then you can feel your life is balanced and this is the real key to happiness.

So, the question is what does it take to live your life in-harmony aligned with mind, body and soul?

Like physiology training (gym) psychology (mind) training is a must! Understanding your mind and practising the 5 principles will bring harmony and peace in your life.

Do you want to become stronger, resilient, confident; a woman full of passion, empathy, compassion, and love? as you work through implementing the 5 Principles, you will find people becoming drawn to you, listening to you, and admiring you. You will also find that you are making decisions that are going to benefit you and your loved ones and not to please others. You are going to feel empowered and transformed as you will learn how to find the balance between saying “YES and NO”.

You will love you and respect you!

The purpose of Women In harmony is to support middle-aged women find peace and purpose. This is a service that truly cares about women and wants every woman to feel happiness and success in her life.

Salma @ In-Harmony