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Who am I?

My name is Salma, I am a Life Skills Educator and Coach., I help people thrive in their life by helping them develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

I took the scenic route into education later in life. I achieved my education through the much appreciated further education (FE) sector.

I now work as an English language and ESOL lecturer in an FE college in West Yorkshire, England. I enjoy teaching English language and ESOL, as well as imparting with learning life skills. I love positive psychology and try to infuse this in all aspects of my life.

“Learn from the cradle to the grave”

Recently, I completed a masters degree in coaching and mentoring. For a long time, I was stuck in my limiting thoughts and believes that it was too late for me to acquire higher education. I convinced myself that I did not have the ability to grasp academic skills because I was old to learn.

But obviously, we know that is not true as human beings we can train our brain to learn and relearn at any point in our life. I am not saying it is easy but definitely doable.

I blamed my parents and teachers for my lack of education. Then one day it daunted upon me that I needed to quit blaming do what I wanted to do.

As a result of banishing the blame, setting intentions and taking action;  a decade later I had achieved what I thought was inevitable.

And this is all thanks to my journey on Personal Development. Had I not learnt how to set goals, intentions, practice gratitude, practise forgiveness, setting an abundance mindset and improve my own intrapersonal skills, then to do what I am doing now was a long distant dream.

Today, I am living a rather fulfilled life.  As I thrive in helping others acquire effective communications skills: learn how to develop empathy: have compassion: belief in themselves, all this gives me satisfaction at a deeper level. I enjoy helping others succeed in their life and gain prosperity and freedom from their own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

The Purpose of Women-In-Harmony

 The purpose of ‘women-in -harmony’ is to empower women and anybody who is drawn to personal development to develop themself to become confident and have the confidence to achieve their dreams; to have lasting and healthy relationships (personal and professional).

As human beings, we are inclined towards growth and this should be applied to our personal development as well as our careers, growing in personalities opens more doors than having more knowledge. How to use and apply the knowledge is important which is a skill, but how you conduct yourself in that role is key to success, this is not just my saying or believe it is driven from seeing all the successful people around us if we were to observe these people you will see how they conduct themselves is what matters.

the typical problems I run into and know from personal experience how they can affect you?

A lot of times I run into women who are struggling to find their place and more importantly are struggling with internal conflicts that have prevented them from finding the peace of mind and clarity of thought that they want to have in their own lives.

They’re constantly on the go, constantly on the move whilst moving forward is good, this also has an unintended effect of making those very same people feel overwhelmed, stressed out and just plain depleted at the end of the day because they are running around on other peoples agendas.

Men also have their fair share of challenges, whilst the world continues to evolve and forever roles are evolving, not keeping up with changes brings us in conflict with our loved ones, and these challenges cause rifts in relations.

I find most of the problems are within us. We are the perpetrators of our own higher achievements;  that limit us from pursuing our desired life. Yes, I know from experience that other people and situations can cause one to become stuck, But how we deal with these situations and react is down to our self.

What can you do right away to make your situation better?

First of all, having the right tools and support gave me the confidence to seek knowledge and skills to manage my emotional intelligence  (emotions and thoughts) which set me free to become my best self. As I continued on this superb life long learning journey, I found myself growing and developing into a much better version; stronger and resilient.

START BY READING THIS BOOK by Louise Hay – Empowering Women

Each time you will read a page, paragraph a sentence you will find your mindset shifting towards positivity and light.

Empowering Women


It’s okay to know your not perfect, it’s okay to acknowledge you have flaws we all do, the purpose is to discover which of these flaws, behaviours, patterns are serving you and which are not.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for having crossed paths with the Brian Tracy and Tony Robins, using their products and services helped me immensely; to become resilient and proactive. 

Seeing my relationships improve with my children, siblings, parents, friends and peers/colleagues.  Having improved relationships has led to my life full of true prosperity in health- wealth-mind- body and soul.

Being on the Journey of Personal development has brought me health, wealth and prosperity in my life and of those around me.

NOW IT’S YOUR TIME TO START YOUR Journey in Personal Development!

Personal development journey is the greatest knowledge and skills everyone should practice if they want harmony in their lives.

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Worry Less, Let go More!


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